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What it is about?

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Spices and herbs guide

SpiceItUp is an app created to be a simple guide to the most common spices and herbs used when cooking.

Take your cooking to the next level and feel confident in making your own recipes by understanding what foods taste better depending on the seasonings you use. Create your own seasoning mixes or choose from the free recipes included in the app.

Common food seasoning pairing guide

Unlock the secrets of different flavour styles from the most influential cuisines in the world: Cajun, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, African, Jamaican, Mexican, French, German and many more.

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Free full recipes to start making your own seasonings

Master the most exotic flavours in the world with our free recipes and learn how to create your own by using the herbs and spices guide. SpiceItUp will help you cook tasty recipes from scratch and impress your family and friends.

Start cooking exotic and amazing food with the free recipes included and unlock your cooking creativity!

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